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How To's & Fact Sheets:
MLA Citation Style Sheet
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How To's & Fact Sheets

Please click on these helpful handouts, how to's and links to assist you in creating a professional-quality research paper. Having trouble creating a Thesis Statement? Look here. Need to put together a bibliography or works cited page? Please remember, we are here to help so don't hesitate to ask us if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

What's the story template


Photostory - How to save correctly


Destiny and Web Path Express - How to use

Noodletools - How to log onto and create an account

Publisher Brochure HowTo.doc



Thesis Builder

Prep Me Enrollment

Ferguson's Career Guidance Fact Sheet

Destiny Quest How To

Google Forms How To

Inspiration Timeline How To

How To Create a Thesis Statement (please click here). A thesis statement is "a topic upon which two reasonable people can disagree." (For example, you trying to convince your parents to extend your curfew. You line up your facts, figures and reasons for a later curfew and they line up their facts, figures and reasons against.)

Bibliography or Works Cited page (Do you know the difference between a bibliography or a works cited page? Come the the lmc with your answer, you may win a prize!) Please click here to see how to access NoodleTools our online site for creating citation sheets.

Or, please click here to connect to Citation Machine. Don't forget we use the MLA style of formatting.

Finally, if you want to download and print an MLA Style Sheet for future reference (I find this faster than using the online sites), please click here.