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SAT Prep

SAT/College Math Prep


Why should I be prepared to take the new SAT? 

Colleges are expecting higher scores than ever before!

This course reviews skills and tactics necessary to be successful on the MATH SAT.  The test consists of TWO sections. 

        NO Calculator section: 20 questions in 25 minutes

        Calculator section: 38 questions in 55 minutes. 

Students will practice questions from the FOUR major content areas:

        Heart of Algebra:  Fundamental concepts in algebra involving linear equations and inequalities

        Problem Solving and Data Analysis:  Interpreting quantitative and qualitative data, and analyzing relationships

        Passport to Advanced Math:  More advanced concepts in algebra, including quadratic and higher order equations

        Additional Topics in Math:  Geometry, trigonometry, and complex numbers

Practice tests will be timed and analyzed to identify individual weaknesses.   Students will create their own individualized learning goals using this information as well as PSAT data. 

Uploaded College Board scores will allow students to create a tailored practice plan and use the resources offered on both College Board and Khan Academy to further strengthen their skills. 

Students will work both collaboratively and individually as they apply new strategies and tactics.  

Click on the below links for a practice New Redesigned SAT question of the DAY.