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September - Spanish Using Audacity
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Shakespeare's England
September - Spanish Hispanic Heritage
September - Organic Molecules and Prezi
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Shakespeare's England

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's Life and Works

Absolute Shakespeare,
The essential Shakespeare resource plays, sonnets, poems, quotes, biography and the Globe Theatre

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
A complete annotated guide to the scholarly Shakespeare resources available on Internet.

The Folger Shakespeare Library
Information about the library, events, programs, performances, and a large selection of Shakespeare's works.

Shakespeare Resource Center.
Collected links from all over the World Wide Web to help you information about the man, the plays, the theater and his time period

Shakespeare's Globe Research Database
Information about the Globe Playhouse and it's reconstruction.

Shakespeare Illustrated
Explores nineteenth-century paintings, criticism and productions of Shakespeare's plays and their influences on one another.

Shakespeare For Teachers and Students
Shakespeare's works, biography, the Globe Theater, and more

An introduction to Shakespeare's Life and Times
Internet "Books" about Shakespeare's life, times, and works.

Life During Shakespeare's time
(Also known as Elizabethan and Renaissance England)

Elizabethan England
Links to arts and architecture, Everyday Life (medicine, crime, food, clothing and entertainment), Shakespeare, and historical people and events.

The Life and times of Queen Elizabeth I

People, politics, and society. This Site has good links to history of food, clothing, culture, religion, and more at Tudor History Links:

Life in Elizabethan England: A compendium of common knowledge.
A lengthly list of topics on this time period. Search the compendium to find all the information at this site on your topic.

Renaissance Sites

Music, food, literature, games, and links to a number of Renaissance web sites

Weapons and Armour

What armour and wepons were used in the Tudor Period

Arms, Armour and the tudor soldier

Henry VIII and Jousting

King's Men
Click on all underlined words for further information.

1603 Kings' Man

Globe Teater and the King's Men

The Lord Chamberlain's Men

Elizabethan England Links

Shakespeare, Life in eligabethan England, The Plague, The KIng's Men

Time Traveller's guide to Tudor England
London information

Tudor History

Tudor Menu: An excellent resource for all things Tudor

Life in Tudor England

A Guide to the Renaissance
Artists, composers, sculptors, architects, and writers of the Renaissance

The Elizabethan Costuming Homepage
Links to clothes of Renaissance and Elizabethan times

Proper English Accents from the Renaissance Faire
Words and pronunciations forms of address and more. At home page, look for costuming, acting and history.