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      2017-18 Program of Studies
            GPA-QPR Information
      GPA-QPR Information
      Business Education
            Business Education Facts
            Business Education Staff
                  Alice Coleman
                  Victoria Priddle
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Alice Coleman
                        Teacher Biography
                        Course Syllabi
                              Contact Information
                                    Introduction to Business
                              Business Law
                        Contact Information
                  Victoria Priddle
                  Ms. Barbara Webster
                  Heather Sweeney
                        Microsoft Office
                        Introduction to Business
                        Personal Finance
                        Sophomore Class
      Career Pathways
            Michele Croteau
            Melissa Signor
            Victoria Priddle
            Barbara Webster
      Family & Consumer Sciences
            Our Staff
                  Michele L. Croteau
                        Introduction to Early Childhood Education I and II
                              Child Development I and II
                              Introduction to Individual and Family Development
                        Child Development I and II
                              Introduction to Individual and Family Development
                              Early Childhood Education I and II
                        Future Educators Association
                  Wendy Hyman
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Michele Croteau
                        Michele Croteau
                  Wendy Hyman
      Fine Arts
            Meet Our Fine Arts Staff
            Visual Arts Standards
            Music Standards
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Nancy Iddings
      Health & Physical Education
            Physical Education Activities
            Health Content Areas
            Project Adventure
            Helpful Links
            Student Expectations
            Health Education & PE Staff
                  Karen Marino
                  Barbara Poisson
                        Make Up Assignments
                  Melissa Signor
                  Kyle Starkey
                  Tim Swaller
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Barbara Poisson
                  Tim Swaller
                  Kyle Starkey
                  Melissa Signor
            Midterms and Final Exam
      Homework Policy (updated 06/2011)
      Language Arts
            Standards and Rubric
            Meet Our Language Arts Staff
                  Grace Braniff
                        English Class
                  Garrett Covino
                  Kim Kulenych
                  Heather Lewsey
                  Heather Martire
                  Alison Miller
                  James O'Neil
                  Meredith Pacelli
                  Sophia Rountos
                  Mrs. Kirsten Hardy, Department Head
                  Kristen Chonko
            Creative Writing Publications
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Grace Braniff
                        Mrs. Braniff's English Class--Bunnell High School
                  Constance Brereton
                  Garrett Covino
                  Mrs. Kimberly Kulenych
                        English 10H
                              Web 2.0 Tools
                        English 12-1
                        Creative Writing
                  Dawn DiDonato
                        American Experience
                        Classroom Rules and Grading
                  Richard Diedrichsen
                        Mr D - English/Creative Writing
                  Meghann England
                        Theater Arts
                  Sophia Karagiannis
                  Heather Martire
                        English 10-2
                        English 10-H
                  Alison Miller
                        Ms. Miller
                  James O'Neil
                  Sal Parisi
      Library Media Center
            Meet Our Math Staff
            Test Taking Tips
            SAT Prep
            Practice and Support Math Links
            Math Links
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Mr. Brian Adkins
                        Geometry Honors
                              Extra Help
                         Statistics 1 and 2 ( Semester Classes)
                  Mr. James Ginand
                  Mrs. Kathy O'Brien
                  Mrs. Rebecca Horan
                  Ms. Elisabeth Hull
                  Mrs. Nicola Kells
                  Ms. Jeanne McHugh
                  Mr. James Stein
                        Class Documents
                              Daily Class Topics Calculus
                        Precalculus (Honors)
                              Homework for Precalculus
                              Daily Class Topics
                        This Month's Birthdays
                        Favorite Links
                        Girls Cross Country
                        National Honor Society
                  Mr. Robert Studley
            8th Grade Open House
            The Science Standards
            Science and the CAPT
            Essential Understandings
            Curricular Definitions
            Meet Our Science Staff
                  Peter Bowe, Dept. Head
                  Linda Cline
                  Nicole DeLuca
                  Lorraine Keogh
                        Cotton Chemistry Powerpoints
                  James Nuzzo
                  Kristen Record
                  James Rooney
                  Carrie Tait
                  Sebastian Wojdaszka
                  Dr. Benjamin Wrubel
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Mr. Wojdaszka
                        BIOLOGY - PERIODS 3, 6
                        BIOLOGY - PERIODS 1,5,7
                  Kristen Record
                        AP Physics 1/UConn PHYS 1201Q
                        AP Physics 2/UConn PHYS 1202Q
                        Level-1 Physics
                        Conceptual Physics
                        Studies In Science
                        Phun Physics Links
                        Email Ms. Record
                  Mr. Peter Banks
                        Materials needed
                        Lab Reports
                        Benchmark Activites
                        AP/ECE Physics
                  Peter Bowe
                        Studies In Science Level I
                              Chapter 1
                        Environmental Science
                  James Rooney
                  James Nuzzo
                  Linda Cline
                        Honors Biology
                  Dr. Benjamin Wrubel
                        Advanced Placement Biology Syllabus
                        Anatomy & Physiology Syllabus
                        Students Working in the Classroom
                        AP/ECE Biology Lab Investigations
                        Anatomy & Physiology Lab Investigations
                              Period 3
                              Period 5
                              Period 7
                        Zoological Collection
                              Gone but not forgotten...
                        Project Greenhouse
                        Students Working in the Gardens
                        Field & Nature Investigations
                        Off Campus Field Trips
                        News, Updates, and Assignments
                        Dr. Wrubel's Alumni
                        Advanced Placement Science Flag Footbal
                        Advanced Placement Biology Summer Assignment
                  Mrs. Nicole DeLuca
                        Class Overview
                        Scientific Method
                        Constructing Data Tables
                        Constructing Graphs
                  Lorraine Keogh
                  Carrie Tait
            Planning for the Future
            Internship Program
            Speaker's Bureau
            Career Planning Seminar
            Mentoring Programs
            Favorite Links
      Social Studies
            Social Studies Staff
                  Ms. Alves
                  Mr. Baron
                  Mr. Jockle
                  Ms. Magdon
                  Mr. Mignone
                  Mr. Moore
                  Mr. Piroh
                  Mr. Roberts
                  Mr. Svatik
                  Mrs. Kirsten Hardy, Department Head
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Cristina Alves
                  Christopher Baron
                  Dave Jockle
                  Margaret Magdon
                  Sean Mignone
                  Devin Moore
                  Mike Piroh
                  Luke Roberts
                  John Svatik
      Special Education
      Technology Education
                  CTE State Standards
                  Program of Studies: Course Descriptions
            Useful Links
            Department Coordinator
            Meet Our Technology Education Staff
                  Joseph Carrino
                  Lawrence S. Farrell
                  Rachelle Pedersen
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Joseph Carrino
                  Larry Farrell
                  Rachelle Pedersen
      World Language
            Essential Understandings
            Meet Our World Language Staff
                  Lisa Ahlstrom-Nasry
                  Maria Bascom
                  Cristina Cedrone
                  Dylan Connor
                  Wendy Cotto-Richards
            Teacher Web Sites
                  Magistra Amy Harkenreader
                        Latin I
                              Course Information
                              Latin Links
                              Binder Components
                  Mr. Dylan Connor
                  Sra. Donna Marino
                  Mrs. Vicki Weisman
            World Language News and Events
      Amnesty International
      Be Kind
      Bible Club
      Blue and Gold Ushers Guild
      Captain's Council
      Concert Band
      Creative Writing
      French Club
            Debate Club
      Freshman Class Council
      Frisbee Club
      Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
      Future Educators of America (FEA)
      Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
            Book Club
      Indoor Drumline
      Investment Club
      Junior Class Council
      Knitting Club
      Latin Club
      Laurel Yearbook Staff
      Link Crew
      Make-A-Wish Club
      National Honor Society
      Relay for Life
      Select Choir
      Senior Class Council
      S.K.A.T.E.N.G. (Gardening/Environment/Nature) Club
            Fund Raising
      Sophomore Class Council
      STEP Team
      Student Government
      Student Theater Arts Guild of Entertainment (S.T.A.G.E.)
      S.T.A.G.E. Crew
      Technology Student Association (TSA)
      Wind Ensemble
      National Math Honor Society
      Marching Band
      Peer Mediation
      BHS Student Council
      Unified Sports
      Concert Choir
            Class Requirements
                  Concert Dress Requirements
                  Concert Choir
                  Select Choir
            Upcoming Performances
                  Concert Choir
                  Select Choir
      Athletic Director
      Athletic Trainer
      Online Athlete Registration
      Coaching Directory
      Fall Sports
      Winter Sports
            Winter 2016-17 Athletic Schedule
      Spring Sports
            Spring 2016-17 Athletic Schedule
      CIAC Eligibility Information
            NCAA Eligibility and Recruiting Info
      ImPACT Concussion Management Program
      Student-Athlete Code of Conduct
      Student-Athlete Chemical Health Policy
      Bulldog Booster Club
      Hall of Fame/Senior Recognition Banquet
News & Resources
      BOE Policy #5130 Re: Campus Sweeps
      Food Services Information
      Library Media Center (Learning Commons)
                  Gaggle Email
                  News Sites
                  Colleges and Careers
            Research Classes
                  September - Freshmen Orientation and Choosing a Book
                        Choosing/Finding a Book in the LMC
                  September - Spanish Using Audacity
                  September - Writing the College Essay
                        How to Make Your College Application Stand Out
                  September - Spanish Travel Brochures
                  October - Ancient Civilizations
                  September - Intro to Noodletools
                  Discrimination Miller English 2014
                        Pacelli English Research Spring 2014
                  April - The Great Depression Research and Info Lit Skills (Eng Pacelli)
                  May - Media Research - English - Miller
                  Shakespeare's England
                  September - Spanish Hispanic Heritage
                  September - Organic Molecules and Prezi
            Calendar of Classes
            How To's & Fact Sheets
                  MLA Citation Style Sheet
                  MovieMaker Demo
                  Reading Prompts
                  Library Media Google Forms PD
                  Photostory Basics
                  BHS History Project
                  Library Media Specialist
                  Research Process
                  Research Strategies
            Amazing Videos
            Physical Education Bunnell
            Library Media Google Forms Training PD
      Military Opt-Out Form
      Parent Notification of Asbestos Management Plan
      Parent Portal Information
      RevitalArts (Formerly Youth in the Arts, Inc.)
      School Resource Officer (SRO) Information
      School Scholarship Fund
      Stratford Library Teen Services Bulletins
      Student Handbook
      Student Showcase
      Tip Line / Suggestion Form
Class Updates
      Freshman Class News
            Freshman Class Council
      Sophomore Class News
            Sophomore Class Council
      Junior Class News
            Junior Class Council
      Senior Class News
            Senior Class Council
      Alumni News/Reunion Info
      Transcript Requests
School Counseling
      Counseling Staff
      Career Center
      College Fairs
      College Information & Timelines
            Applicant Web Search
            Connecticut Colleges
            College Application Procedure
            College Application Process
            College Application Tips
            Criteria for Gaining Admission to College
            The College Interview
            Health Information
            Freshman Timeline
            Sophomore Timeline
            Junior Timeline
            Senior Timeline
      College Visitations
      CT DEPT OF LABOR - Employment of Minors
      Financial Aid Information
            Financial Aid Workshop
            SENIOR Financial Aid Seminar
      Guidance News
      Parent Checklist
      SAT PREP
      Scholarship Information
            Outside Agency Scholarships
      School Counseling Services
            Parent Checklist
      Sports in College
      Summer Programs
            Student Volunteer Opportunities
      Test Information
            SAT & ACT Test
            SAT Prep Web Sites
            Special Education Testing Info.
            SAT PREP COURSES
                  Summer SAT - Princeton Review Prep
      The Military
            ASVAB Testing
      Unique Programs